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Car Engine Repair

Max Auto Repair is the leading experts when it comes to full car engine repair services. If you’re hearing any strange noises from your engine, it might be time to bring it in for an inspection. Our auto body garage is located in the heart of Irving. We’re fortunate to work with such a talented team of engine specialists. Did you know that a simple and routine oil change could drastically improve the overall lifespan of your engine? That’s right! All it takes is a little preventative maintenance, and you can be driving your car for a long, long time. We’ll can change your oil on the spot or provide you with a full engine repair. Our technicians aren’t afraid to get a little grease and dirt on them. We don’t just fix and tune engines, we genuinely love cars! Max Auto Repair is the most trusted auto body garage in town. No other body shop provides your vehicle with the level of attention that we do!

Highest Quality Vehicle Maintenance

Your engine takes a great deal of abuse each time to go for a ride. There are many components that help comprise the moving blocks of your vehicle. These components are all located in your engine, or heart of your car. We can easily fix any damaged spark plugs or timing belts for you. The bottom line is your safety, and we go the distance to ensure it at all times. You should never wait until your engine gives you a sign to come in for a routine oil change. It could be too late to save your car at that point. We won’t let things get that far, since we give you the highest quality vehicle maintenance services possible. Our engine repair specialists will check each section to make sure all components are flowing smoothly. We can also provide your engine with the best quality of synthetic brand oil to give it more life. You won’t have to freak out with the prices, since we offer the most competitive prices in the market. Don’t let your engine warn you to come for a visit, make sure you have it thoroughly inspected in advance!