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Brake Service Specialists, Irving

At Max Auto Repair & Locksmith, we are the leading brake specialists in Irving. We have a fantastic team of experts that will give your vehicle the best quality braking services. There is almost nothing more important than having functional brakes while driving. A small issue could spell disaster, but we’re here to thoroughly inspect your braking system. You might only need a little braking fluid to get all the components flowing as they should be. We specialize in fixing and replacing brakes. Whether you need new rotors, drums or brake pads, we’ll be more than happy to assist. No matter what type of braking hardware you need, we’ve got the solutions for you. Our skillful braking technicians will find the problem right away, and make sure that your brakes are in perfect working order.

We have our own braking evaluation system, where we check each cylinder and part of your braking system to make sure everything is flowing smoothly. Our trusted technicians can replace brake pads and resurface the rotors while you wait. We offer a wide range of auto repair services that include, brake repair, rotors, drums, brake fluid, car maintenance, engine repair, oil change, and much more. Braking is crucial, and could mean the world of difference on the road. Many accidents are attributed to insufficient braking time, which could be the direct result of faulty brakes. We’ll never let that happen to you, as we’re the most reputable braking experts in Irving. We set the bar of excellence for all brake and auto repair services. We also offer very reasonable prices, and give you the Max Auto Repair & Locksmith guarantee of satisfaction. You should feel comfortable behind the wheel, and it all starts by having functional brakes.

The Best of the Best

At Max Auto Repair & Locksmith, we maintain our company policy of always placing your safety before anything else. Our brake evaluation system is one-of-a-kind, and we make sure you get top notch quality results. Don’t let an amateur fool around with your brakes. Let the pros at Max Auto Repair & Locksmith Clinic take care of your braking system and all other auto repair services. Stop by our Irving Auto Repair shop today!